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Local Legend: Thea Maria Blodgett-Gallahan


Easily recognized by her small size, large laugh, and notably dirty pink jacket, Thea Marie Blodgett-Gallahan is a North East rock climber with a frenetic personality and unbridled enthusiasm for hard trad. Once Thea steps onto the rock her nervous energy subsides and one gets the sense that climbing is an effortless and peaceful endeavor. Born and raised in Ithaca New York, Thea at age 25 is quickly becoming recognized as one of the leading trad climbers in the Northeast. Her impressive quick repeats of classic hard lines in the Gunks and Adirondacks have solidified her reputation as a climber with both the mental stamina and creativity to climb and protect lines that have been thought of more as top-ropes than leads since the era of their first ascent.

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